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Why a Professional Celebrant?

So, an auntie (cousin, friend, grandmother…), has “gifted” you their assistance in officiating your Bali wedding ceremony.

What could possibly go wrong???

Veil is caught by a breeze and deposited in a nearby tree?

Rings fall in the pool under your floating stage?

Your best man faints during the ceremony?

Beehive in the bouquet on the signing table?

These are all real examples of issues our professional wedding celebrants know how to handle. Can the person offering their services troubleshoot on the spot while leading a ceremony in a foreign country? Do they know all the required "elements" of a wedding ceremony, as well as how to lead all of those? Why is it better to hire a professional?

  • Professional wedding celebrants work with your wedding planner and photographers to get the very best photographs of you during your ceremony, as this is part of their job. They will not stand in the back of your “first kiss” photo, or steal the show. Our celebrants know and work with most of Bali's wedding photographers. We recognize and respect each others' work - and, as a team, create your ceremony vision.

  • “Wedding celebrant” is a profession in Indonesia. Bali has a great selection of Indonesian and Western (working legally) wedding celebrants with years of experience and training. Working as a wedding celebrant/ officiant (photographer, HMU artist…) on a tourist visa, even as a “gift” or for free, is a violation of immigration law.

  • Bali’s professional wedding celebrants have training and MANY hours of real-time experience performing weddings in Bali. Most wedding planners expect a certain order, style, and help from the celebrant to make the ceremony go smoothly. There are many parts to a well-run wedding ceremony that most brides and grooms don’t even think about - that’s where we come in! We want you to be able to focus on what’s important - each other - on your big day.

Hiring a wedding celebrant for your ceremony ensures that it will go as close to plan as possible. Do unexpected things happen? Of course. But when you have a professional in charge, they will notice, take responsibility, and know what to do.

My Bali Celebrant has a variety of experienced English-fluent Indonesian and native English speaking celebrants who will do their very best to make your ceremony exactly what you want it to be. And they will even do things that you won’t know about, or won’t necessarily notice. <3


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