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Meet Our Team

Name: Heather

Origin: United States

Style: Professional, calm, and adaptable

Heather has been working internationally as a wedding celebrant since 2003; in Bali since 2014. She puts clients at ease by guiding them through the ceremony-writing process; getting to know the couple; and personalizing every detail. She also works closely with wedding planners to carry out their clients' dreams and expectations, and helps with the logistics of the wedding ceremony (placement of bride and groom, photo moments, etc.) in “real time”. Heather enjoys intimate, beach-front ceremonies with few guests and large, more formal ceremonies – both for weddings and vow renewals.


Name: Uyun

Origin:  Indonesia

Style: Smiley and cheerful, expressive, loving and caring


Uyun has been in the hospitality industry for more than eight years. Before that, she was an English teacher after graduating from university in Lombok. She loves to make people happy and smile and always succeeds in doing both.

Uyun makes great connections with her clients, and always tries her best to create a great mood for their big day. As a celebrant, she says it’s an honour and a great pleasure for her to become part of someone’s very special day - to feel and share the joy and happiness of that day together with the happy couple and their family.

Available as local celebrant and small event organizer.


Name: Min Lomo

Origin: Indonesia/ Australia

Style: Warm, re-assuring, and professional

Min is an Indonesian of Chinese descent who grew up in Australia. Born in Sumatera, he finished his high school education and lived for 27 years in Sydney.

Min has worked across a wide range of industries from sports and  fitness and hospitality all his life. He understands people and is great at putting them at ease. Most importantly, he focuses on helping the bride and groom to be totally present, calm, and immersed in giving their hearts to each other during the happiest moment of their lives.

Meeting people and telling stories are two of the things Min enjoys most; and as a celebrant he gets to combine both passions. The story of how two individuals found each other, fell in love and decided to get married is the greatest story of all. He is truly honored to be a part of this kind of story telling.

Whether your ceremony is held in intimate garden, a vibrant beachfront, or a beautiful ballroom, Min is committed to crafting and delivering a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. 

Available for commitment ceremonies in English and Indonesian.



Name: Rudy Teh

Origin: Indonesian (Chinese & Thai Descent)

Style: Relaxed, professional, and traditional


Rudy was born in Indonesia with a multicultural background. He has been dedicating his life to the hospitality industry for more than 15 years. He says he was born to make people happy and work with his heart.

He is very proud that he can be part of a such a special moment in couples' lives. He likes to observe and learn his clients' personalities to bring out the best connection to each other. For him, the wedding must be a sacred and intimate event, yet casual and fun.


Name: Pak Eddy

Origin: Indonesia

Style: Christian, personable, kind, gentle

Services: Commitment or Legal Protestant Weddings

Pastor Eddy has been working with our team for the past 6 years offering legal and commitment religious ceremonies.

Our team describe Eddy as happy, personable and loving. Eddy makes you feel at home and like you are the only people in the world when he is marrying you.

Perfect for legal weddings, vow renewals or symbolic ceremonies.

Name: Pak Johan

Origin: Indonesia

Style: Christian, happy, personable, loving

Services: Commitment or Legal Protestant Weddings

Pastor Johan has been working with our team for the past 6 years, offering legal and commitment religious ceremonies.

Our team describe Pak Johan as soft-spoken and very special. A perfect choice for small legal ceremonies, elopements, or partnered with a celebrant for a combination religious/ secular wedding..

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