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Hooray for 2022!

After a long and trying pandemic period, we want to say a genuine “thank you” to our clients and planners who have helped us bounce back to life in 2022. All of the staff and celebrants of My Bali Celebrant have returned refreshed and excited to celebrate your special days with you! We have now officially surpassed our 750th wedding in 5 years (with 2 years off) - a milestone we only dreamed of when we brought this little business to life!

Many of us have written new ceremonies, which has been a great way to continue to provide a customized experience to our brides and grooms. We will now have a “sharing library” where our celebrants can see what the others are writing and saying at the weddings they help celebrate. This way we will get inspired by you and each other to create our best, freshest material.

Many of our celebrants will also be trained to MC in the coming months. Stay tuned for announcements about our MC services and pricing - and photos and video as we gain experience.

Also, as we are in growth mode and have already sold out for four dates, we will be hiring some new celebrants. Several of these celebrants have experience MC-ing and officiating weddings; all of us - new and experienced - will participate in training, which will include:

1. The basics of the ceremony - components, order, transitions, keeping it smooth and orderly;

2. Helping the bride and groom stay calm and relaxed during the ceremony;

3. Leading the ceremony in a professional yet relaxed manner;

4. Helping assure couples’ photographers get the best possible shots of their special moments;

5. Social media presence - the do’s and don’ts of sharing private and public social media content. We’re here to help create YOUR special day, not promote ourselves;

6. All celebrants and MCs have opportunities for English language help and continued development; and our Indonesian learners are always working to improve as well.

As always, we look forward to making new relationships with new clients and wedding planners; as well as working to maintain positive, productive relationships with clients and planners who we already work with. We are open to your feedback, ideas, critiques, and suggestions.

But most of all, we want to thank you for being here for and with us until now; and we look forward to a prosperous 2023, creating and facilitating beautiful weddings for you!


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